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The choice of lighting depends on many factors, including the size of the room and its layout, as well as its purpose. Recessed luminaires are perfect for high and spacious rooms such as corridors, conference rooms, classrooms, showrooms, shops, and others. Depending on location and size, they can produce narrow or wide beams of light.

These types of lamp holders are mounted directly on ceilings or in suspended ceilings. LUG Light Factory offers models with the glare minimizing function, thanks to which their light is eye-friendly and long stays in a lit room do not cause discomfort. Some products can be additionally adjusted for illumination. Using this function is simple and does not cause any problems for the average user. As an addition, products of this brand are distinguished by their universal and clean design.


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Company name: LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.

Company address: Gorzowska 11

City: Zielona Góra

Zip Code: 65-127

Phone: 68 45 33 200


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